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The Trademark Destroyed by you, The truth (PUNK) 2002,2003

Half the Battle "Over Acheiver" (Rock) 2003

Lemon Jumper "Citrus power" (Funky Rock) 2003

Descention Spiders and Needles,Your Hell (ROCK) 2003

Madam D Going Home (BLUES ROCK) 2000

"Greg Bester" Project ( Zero ) Demo1, ( POP ROCK) 2002

Fleshpeddler "Life under the sun" (HEAVY ROCK) 2001

Second Fall "Breathe" (ROCK) 2003

Odd Mann Inn "Theatra" (HEAVY ROCK) Recorded at,Southpaw studio 1996 ( I engineered, and mixed it)

We are always adding new bands so check back often...