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Mic's: 4 -SM 57, 2-NADY 960,1-Sure 55S( this mic is actually from the 1950's), 2 Behringer B1,1-Beta 52, 1-AKG D112 Sennheiser 602e, 2-AKG C1000s

Outboard: Alesis D4, Behringer Composer, Apex Quad gate,Delta 1010, Pro Audio PS8 mic pre's, Sony CDR W 33 Mastering deck, Powerplay Pro headphone distribution amp ( 4 channel)

D.A.W. : 2000 MHz system with 1024 Mb DDR ram, 2 60 gig HD's (removable) DVD backup! on a Nuendo 2.0 system using M-audio's delta 1010, all IN's balanced. from the Pro Audio ps8 (8 channel mic pre's)

Recording System: Nuendo 2.0 System, Sonic Foundry, IK T-Racks 24, Pro Tools LE, cool edit pro, acid pro 4.0, with Hella big sound library.

Plugins: Waves renaissance plugs platinum pack ,TC electronics mastering pack, Antares Auto tune, Mic Emulator," Tube"( tubed mic pre emulator).Akai Mastering suite, tons more...